Angel of The North Statue


While driving from London to Edinburgh do not miss an interesting experience to visit an eyecatching giant structure. There you can take pictures with magnificent artistic angel monument named Angel of the North.

Angel of the North is the largest human sculpture in England. Made of steel, angel statue stands 20 meters tall, with awingspan as wide as 54 meters.

Angel of the North was designed by Antony Gormley, the manufacturing process was done by a steel company Hartlepol Steel and finished in 1998. Angel of The North sculpture over the years has received many criticism as well as praise, and by the local residents the statue called as “Gateshead Flasher”.

Angel of the North statue placed on a hill in the region Low Eighton, standing majestically on the edge of the highway facing Newcastle. Both from far or near its look very impressive.

Almost every day the place is never empty of visitors. hundreds of thousands of visitors come to see Angel of The North every year (read also: Bronx Zoo – The Best and Biggest Zoo In The World). Visitors are not charged to visit the statue Angel of The North because all the facilities provided are for free.

Map to Angel of The North Statue

Pictures of Angel of The North Statue

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