Matchday in Amsterdam Arena


Beside famous for its Red Light District, Amsterdam also has other tourist destinations that are very attractive, its called the Amsterdam Arena.

Amsterdam Arena is the largest stadium in the Netherlands which has seats capacity nearly 55,000 seats. Amsterdam Arena is a stadium of famous Ajax Amsterdam football club. The stadium has a special feature: the roof can be closed, so there is no match or concert will be canceled due to bad weather.

Amsterdam Arena was built in 1993-1996 at a cost of € 140 million, and it was officially opened on August 14, 1996. Until now the Amsterdam Arena has been used for variety international events, such as football matches, musical concerts (Celine Dion, Madonna, Michael Jackson, etc) and other.

Based on current information, the Dutch football federation (KNVB) will give a special tribute to Johan Cruyff by renaming the Amsterdam Arena became Johan Cruyff Arena. Cruyff died at age 68 on Thursday, March 24th. The former soccer player had died because of lung cancer. Ajax legend Johan Cruyff was played for the club in 1964-1973 and 1981-1983.

With all the extraordinary facilities, Amsterdam Arena is perfect for you who want to make a holiday in the Netherlands. Access to Amsterdam Arena is easy, for example, if you are come from European Language Centre, simply go the public bus numbers 44, 45, 66 and 355 to the stadium, the journey to Amsterdam Arena takes approximately 20 minutes.

Map to Amsterdam Arena

Pictures of Amsterdam Arena

Amsterdam Arena Aerial View

Amsterdam Arena Aerial View


Amsterdam Arena Netherlands

Amsterdam Arena Netherlands (fotovlieger)


Amsterdam Arena

Amsterdam Arena (naturallysustainable)


Amsterdam Arena at Night

Amsterdam Arena at Night (


Matchday in Amsterdam Arena

Matchday in Amsterdam Arena


Amsterdam Arena of Ajax FC

Amsterdam Arena of Ajax FC (retecool)


Amsterdam Arena Colorful Seats

Amsterdam Arena Colorful Seats (sportmapworld)

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