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Nusa Tenggara Barat, Lombok in particular has become a favorite destination after Bali and Komodo Island. The Mountains, beaches, and culture is an amazing magnetic power for the development of Indonesia. And who does not know Rinjani, the charm of this mountain really stole the hearts of hikers, nature lovers, even foreign tourists.

Generally every mount has a special natural beautiful feel that can make anyone who visit it became fascinated. Although not all mountains in Indonesia can be the object of tourism due to vulcanic activities. But if it is managed by the forestry agency or local government and promoted as a tourist attraction, then it should be safe for visit by tourists. Mount Rinjani is one of the most popular natural tourist attraction in Indonesia for its beauty.

Mount Rinjani is the second highest volcano in Indonesia, with peak 3726M above sea level. In the Sasak’s language , Rinjani means “high”, taken from name Dewi Anjani, the magical ruler of the mount. in Mount Rinjani National Park exists tropical flora and fauna of Southeast Asia and flora and fauna of Australia. Very impressive if you can directly explore the beauty, in addition to enjoying the beauty of the mount Rinjani, you also can see how rich flora and fauna in Indonesia.

Mount Rinjani has a lake located on the west side called ‘Segara Anak’. Water flowing from the lake forming a waterfall with a very beautiful scenery, flowing through a sharp and steep ravines. It is so magical and can hypnotize anyone who sees it. In Segara Anak you will find a collection of carp and tilapia. Here, you can fishing as much as you like. On the south of lake Segara Anak there also a lake called Segara Endut. That’s not all, you are also presented with a view of Mount Baru or local people call it Mount Barujari which is located on the east of the caldera.

This region is still very natural, you can feel the true nature and enchanting exotic scenery. In addition, Trekking trac of Mount Rinjani is one of the most challenging things, but it will all be paid by incredibly exotic of its peak, your visit to Mount Rinjani National Park will be presented with a very spectacular natural scenery.

Heading into the peak of Mount Rinjani, you will pass through quite famous three caves. There are Cave Manik, Cave Susu, and Cave Payung. That places are really suitable for rest a while relaxing muscles. Moreover, frequently the caves used as a meditation spot by locals. In the trek you can also meet warmth of the Kokok Putih hot spring. The Hot waters believed by locals as a healer of all diseases.

The peak of Mount Rinjani is the goal of most adventurers and nature lovers who visit this tourist area because if they succeed reaching the top, it will be a big pride. The desire of nature lovers across the country and even from abroad in climbing the mount is quite large, it has been proven by the increasing number of visitors who make the climb each year. At the top Rinjani, the entire islands of Lombok and Bali can be seen, some of the mountain in Java and Bali as Semeru, Bromo, Ijen and Mount Agung often clearly seen from this peak.

Every June to August Mount Rinjani National Park is always crowded by visitors. Those who come usually the nature lovers or college students, That months is the most appropriate time to climb, because it will be dry season, so the road should be safe for visitors. The admission fee to the Mount Rinjani is really cheal, it is Rp.2,500/person for domestic tourists, and Rp.20,000 for foreign tourists.

Map to Mount Rinjani

Pictures of Mount Rinjani

Senaru Entrance of Mount Rinjani

Senaru Entrance of Mount Rinjani


Tents at Mount Rinjani

Tents at Mount Rinjani (anekatempatwisata)


Trip to Peek of Mount Rinjani

Trip to Peek of Mount Rinjani (aisyahjayawisata)


Mount Rinjani

Mount Rinjani (photoburst)


Visitors of Rinjani

Visitors of Rinjani


Mount Rinjani Lombok

Mount Rinjani Lombok (ensiklopediaindonesia)


Top of Mount Rinjani

Top of Mount Rinjani


On Top of Mount Rinjani

On Top of Mount Rinjani (thewritewayaround)


Top of Mount Rinjani

Top of Mount Rinjani (carpediemjames)



Rinjani (therinjanitrekking)


Climb to Peak of Rinjani

Climb to Peak of Rinjani (


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