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In California, specifically in the Gulf of San Francisco, There is a legendary island that became US military base for World War. It was a phenomenal site for every American or even foreigners, Alcatraz Island Prison.

Alcatraz Island is an ex prison that was filled with many stories, and nowadays Alcatraz Island became one of the most favourite tourist attraction for people who having holiday in California. The US National Park Service manage it as a tourist park that can be visited and became part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

In 1868 the island of Alcatraz was a military prison used by the army before being abandoned due to high maintenance costs. Back in 1934 the prison building operated as the Federal Bureau of Prisons to hold high risk civilian criminals because of the security system which is known to be very strict.

Alcatraz is so legendary because of its perfect location, advanced security and high-tech prison system. Also the prisoners that ever jailed there such as Al Capone, Robert Franklin Stroud, and Alvin Karpis.

Alcatraz has four jail room blocks, Block A, B, C and D. Each door is made from iron plated for maximum security. Each block consists of three floors. Block D is the most watched, the big villain, most high risk or most sadistic prisoners kept in Block D. Al Capone is a well-known person that ever jailed in block D. The prisoners call block D as “The Hole”, due to it’s so isolated and seems like a hole under the earth. Moreover, One of the place that attract visitors is a cell belonging to George Heck. George Heck cell contain many paintings and his works of art during the detention period of year 1944-1952.

It feels Incomplete to travel without buying souvenirs. At Alcatraz they also provide a souvenir outlet. Various books, videos and Alcatraz-themed souvenirs sold there. For those who want a vacation to Alcatraz could come at any time, the island is open all year except on christmas, thanksgiving and new year.

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Photo of Alcatraz Island and Prison

Tourist at Alcatraz (

Tourist at Alcatraz (


Prisoners Cell in Alcatraz

Prisoners Cell in Alcatraz (


Cells inside Alcatraz

Cells inside Alcatraz (


Cruise to Alcatraz

Cruise to Alcatraz (


Alcatraz Museum

Alcatraz Museum (


Alcatraz Island

Alcatraz Island (


A Hall inside Alcatraz

A Hall inside Alcatraz (


Cell of Robert Stroud

Cell of Robert Stroud (

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