Akshardham – World’s Greatest Hindu Temple Located in Delhi (India)

swaminarayan akshardham mandir


In the city of Delhi (India), not far from the flow of the Yamuna River, stands a giant Hindu temple complex called Akshardham. This temple was built by sect Swaminarayan to celebrate thousands of years Hindu culture in India which has produced so many works of civilization.

Akshardham Temple complex is one of the most beautiful and largest Hindu temple in India. Combination of Hindu culture, great architecture and spirituality makes this hindu complex is so enjoyable and increase demands of tourists visiting India, especially New Delhi.

With a total area ​​over 8,000 square meters, Akshardham is more than just a temple. Guinness World Records has listed Akshardham as the largest Hindu temple complex in the world since years ago.

Among the various features available in Akshardham, the main attraction is the main monument in the middle of the complex. This monument has a height of 43 meters, 96 meters wide and 110 meters long. Interestingly, the monument is coated with detailed carvings of flora, fauna, traditional dancers, musicians, and hindus gods.

Being inside the main monument you can find 234 carved pillars, nine domes, and 20,000 murti and unique statues. There is also a feature Gajendra Pith, a tribute to the elephant because of its importance in Hindu culture and history of India, It contains a replica of 148 elephants.

To support the Swaminarayan (Temple) Akshardham as an attractive tourist spot there also often held a variety shows filled with advanced technology and modern tools to support performances such as show Theatre, Musical fountain, Hall of Values, Boat ride, etc.

The use of various tools of modern technology in the show held at Swaminarayan Akshardham also criticized because the temple should be sacred and holy. But the Swaminarayan Akshardham has it own views, the management tries to bring the atmosphere of the old in a more modern world, And it is proved that the tourists always love the variety show.

Because of grandeur, Akshardham temple attracts approximately 70 percent of the total tourists visiting Delhi. Seeing this fact, it seems very unfortunate if you are not visit this place when travel to India. There are still many areas that you can find in the Akshardham Temple complex. To find out, you can simply come to Noida Mor, New Delhi. For more information on ticket prices and opening hours, you can visit the site www.akshardham.com

Map to Akshardham Temple

Pictures of Akshardham Temple

akshardham - largest hindu temple in the world

akshardham – largest hindu temple in the world (lallassociates.com)


Hi-Tech Lights of akshardham

Hi-Tech Lights of akshardham (youtube.com)


Exotic Statues of akshardham temple

Exotic Statues of akshardham temple (akshardham.com)


beautiful akshardham temple at night

beautiful akshardham temple at night (sashvatmandir.wordpress.com)


beautiful fountain of akshardham

beautiful fountain of akshardham (youtube.com)


school visit to akshardham

school visit to akshardham (akshardham.com)


akshardham gajendra pith

akshardham gajendra pith (akshardham.com)


Inside Main Temple of akshardham

Inside Main Temple of akshardham (youtube.com)


akshardham near narayan river

akshardham near narayan river (akshardham.com)


akshardham - greatest hindu temple of India

akshardham – greatest hindu temple of India (maadurgawallpaper.com)


Akshardham Aerial View

Akshardham Aerial View (thousandwonders.net)


swaminarayan akshardham mandir

swaminarayan akshardham mandir (akshardham.com)


Akshardham of Delhi, India

Akshardham of Delhi, India (thousandwonders.net)



akshardham (akshardham.com)


akshardham temple

akshardham temple (akshardham.com)

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