8 Travel Safety Advice for Solo Backpacker

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Backpacking is a perfect choice for many people who wants to travel easily, Where journey becomes more flexible and with no special plan. The Backpacker term itself emerged from word backpack, a bag that can be carried easily anywhere. Backpacker in the real world means a tourist who having vacation with a limited budget and only bring one backpack and rely on the surrounding environment.

When you decide to become a backpacker it means you have to prepare for a variety of things to make your travel completely safe and enjoyable. On your way as backpacker you will certainly face many challenges, therefore we encourage you to broaden your horizons in order to face the challenges. Here are some important travel safety tips you should know before starting a trip as a backpacker in a new city:

Travel Safety Advice for Solo Backpacker

1. Leave Expensive stuffs

You do not need to bring too many electronic goods, you just need to bring a full-featured smartphone. You also do not need to bring jewelries, because you’ll be an adventurer, not an entertainer in a TV show.

2. Secure Important Documents

You should always keep important documents such as passports, tickets, and others. You can scan the documents to be uploaded to the e-mail. This is very useful if somehow you lost one of the document.

3. Save Money in various Places

It is important for you to save money in various places. Save some of your money in the bag, wallet, and places that easy to reached. It is important for you to have spare money if you lose your wallet.

4. Don’t be to kind to local people / stranger

As a social person, it is important to keep in touch with local people where you traveling. But, One thing you need to understand, don’t open yourself too much to someone who you just meet. If you want to give something to people who do not you know, try not to give money. Give them food so you don’t provoke them to do crime to yourself.

5. Identify places prone to crime

Before you begin an adventure as a solo backpaker, at least you need to know a few things about the places you will visit. For example, identify the places that are prone to crime such as pickpocketing, robbery, etc. You should not rest in small remote hotel, choose a hotel that is safe and comfortable.

6. Stay in touch with relatives

While going as a solo traveler, be sure to keep in touch with family. wherever you go make sure they know it. make sure that they can keep track your position if somehow something unexpected happens.

7. Dress modestly

Wear casual clothes that do not attract many people’s attention, be humble and polite, avoid wearing jewelry and sexy clothes.

8. Act as you are a local man

Even if it is the first time you go to a city, do not show signs as new people who did not know anything. Act confidently as if you were had knew that place.

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