8 Must Visited Places in London for Beginners



London is one of the most famous metropolitan cities in the world. It is great and charming. Well, it is also a magnet for everyone. There are lots of worth-seeing places in London. However, if your time is too short for all the beauty, the following is information about must visited places in London. It will do well to quench your longing for London.

8 Must Visited Places in London

1. British Museum

There are eight million objects in the Museum’s permanent collection. All of them are worthy of a look, but make sure not to miss the mummies at rooms 62-3. Or, you might want to see the key to hieroglyphics? Just see the Rosetta stone.

2. Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum is one of several must visited places in London. Find some interesting natural memorable exhibits, and if you are into natural science, the enormous diplodocus skeleton in the entrance hall will stay in your memory forever.

3. Trafalgar Square and Big Ben

These two spots can be reached on foot. You can see the famous Nelson’s Column in Trafalgar Square and the most popular Big Ben at Westminster, while passing the also well-known 10 Downing Street between the two spots. Practically, by wandering around these three places, you can smell the intrigues and high-caliber affairs of the British high personalities.

4. Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall

London is full of art scenes, and with it, there are many great galleries. Of all art exhibitions, you should try the exhibitions in Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall which is held from October to March. The exhibitions is not only great, but the building itself is also phenomenal. Furthermore, do not forget the excellent gift shop or souvenir store.

5. Borough Market

If you want to taste London’s best ingredients, you may visit Borough Market. You will find some local fresh fruit and vegetables, great seafood, cheese wheels specialty, or anything else at this antiquated but undyingly popular market. The market will be very crowded on Saturday lunchtimes, so get there early or go on Friday.

6. Notting Hill and Portobello Road Market

Notting Hill is indisputably one of must visited places in London, particularly if you are into the higher things in your life. Civilized restaurants, boutique, shops scatter the Westbourne Grove, whereas Portobello Road is overstuffed with specialist antiques, shiny trinkets, high-end food stalls and gift shops.

7. Food Hall at Harrods

For the average, it is only for window-shop. This place is so exorbitant and luxurious yet so beautiful. By window-shop; you can happily spend your time just roaming the glossy halls of this most glamorous department store in London. Meanwhile for the Food Hall with all the wares and stuffs, it will truly take your breath away.

8. Regent’s Park

You might hear Hyde Park often, but you should try Regent’s Park as this is London’s finest. You could find lots of fun in a place like an open-air theatre, a boating lake, playing fields, several award-winning gardens, an ice-cream shop, a pub, and London Zoo. You should try to stroll through Queen Mary’s Garden and admiring the city’s largest collection of roses.

Those are several places you should visit in London. Of course, there are many other spots. However, if your time is tight, those several must visited places in London will get you in touch with this city very well.

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