8 Iconic Must Visited Places in Paris



Heading to Paris means heading to the most romantic city in the world. Paris with its whimsical Montmartre and majestic Eiffel Tower has so many signature attractions that no other city has. To spend the best time during your vacation, do not miss any of must visited places in Paris or you’ll regret. Well, it doesn’t take too long to explore all these places. Even during short vacation of 3 to 5 days only, all these beautiful places can be explored.

Places To Go Inside the Paris

1. Eiffel Tower
Eiffel Tower always tops the list. This iconic tower is something that even the second Paris-goers cannot miss. Every year, there are more than 7 million visitors coming to this monument. It’s best to book the tickets before arrival.

2. Museum Louvre
Louvre is known as the world’s most impressive museum that should be visited while in Paris. This museum however has a long waiting line to enter so you may need to schedule half a day. But once you’re in, there are numerous delightful artistic works to enjoy.

3. Catacombs of Paris
Paris is not always nice and romantic. This historical spot is the underground Paris. It’s actually a massive underground cemetery that was used a few centuries ago. So, the main attractions are the human’s skulls.

4. Arc de Triomphe
Continue your great time Paris by visiting Arc de Triomphe, one of must visited places in Paris. This place is located at the top of Champs Elysees offering the most wonderful view of the city of Paris. The ticket is cheaper than of Eiffel Tower. Before climbing to the stairs, there is enchanting underground walking to pass.

5. Notre Dame Cathedral
Another stunning tower in Paris, the Notre Dame Cathedral is one of the most famous historical buildings. This is the best spot to see the gargoyles and enjoy a fantastic Paris view from above.

6. Versailles Palace
Well, this touristic destination is not exactly in Paris. But it’s considerably close to Paris so this palace is often included in the list of must visited places in Paris. Versailles Palace was once the King Louis XIV residence and has a living history. The palace looks majestic overlooking beautiful view of countryside of Paris. Taste the delicious bite at Angeline Bakery that can be found inside the palace.

7. Cheap Eats at Latin Quarter
If you want to wander around outside crowded spots in Paris, come to Latin Quarter. This neighborhood consists of small cheap restaurants and café located by the streets. Find peace and enjoy the most delicious French cuisine.

8. Montmartre
If you thought Paris front is old, then the Montmartre neighborhood is ancient. Montmartre is exactly what you can call as “the old Paris” with enchanting old buildings converted into houses, hotels, apartments, art studio, restaurant and cafes. Spend a few hours here before getting back to the crowd.

Paris is a very dynamic city. Maybe in a few years, there are more on the list of must visited places in Paris that make you think you need to come back to Paris once again.

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